About Us

Beto-Bloc Select has been a trusted leader for over 30 years in the distribution of outdoor landscaping and masonry products within Laval, Montreal and the Lower Laurentides. Our strong relationships with landscape professionals and homeowners continue to feed our success. We have a passion for educating customers on our products and giving them the best possible in-store experience. We believe our large selection of leading brands and vast inventory are what set us apart.

Come discover our friendly service at our large showroom today.

Our Products

Concrete Landscaping Products

  • Driveway Pavers
  • Patio Slabs
  • Walls and copings
  • Steps
  • Borders

Exterior Porcelain tiles

  • Balcony Overlays
  • Rooftop terraces

Glass Fences

  • Pool contours
  • Balcony contours

Brick and Stone

  • Outdoor Brick and Stone for Homes
  • Indoor Thin stone for walls, fireplaces and kitchens